Who we are

Queen of Swords

Honest, Astute, Forthright, Witty, Experienced

Queen of Cups

Loving, Tenderhearted, Intuitive, Psychic, Spiritual

Queen of Wands

Friendly, Wholehearted, Energetic, Cheerful, Self-assured

We don’t always perfectly line up with the descriptions of the queens of the tarot. Find me on a wrong day and I am not energetic, cheerful, and certainly not self assured. But on the whole, I think the description fits. Or at least I’d like it to.

-ed. I’m willing to take these as things to aspire to. Honestly, I prefer “Experienced” over “Routinely Stupid”, so there’s that. -Swords

(Also,can we change ‘Tenderhearted’ to ’empathetic’ or ‘understanding’ or something? It’s more honest. Also psychic is more mom’s gig than mine, not that she’d admit it. -QoC)

-ed. Aww What? You don’t like “Tenderhearted”? It made me grin though! Psychic is Mom’s gig. but let’s address Mom all together for Mother’s Day or something. Oh, hey, Wands, can we have different colors or something to denote who is snarkin- I mean, commenting here? -Swords