Work stuff… belated

I’ve had some really great discussions with my boss the last couple of weeks and before I take off from work for several months, I want to note where I am in thinking about my job and stuff. I don’t talk about it much here, but I like my job and I am pretty good at it. I’ve found a spot where my strengths and weaknesses are balanced with the rest of my team and my work is valued and its great. (I’m very, very lucky. This doesn’t look like a dream job, but everyone should dream of a job that fits them this well.)

Just due to what is going on – work stuff is heating up in interesting directions that takes a bit more cordination, I’m on a boatload of drugs that make me doubt my judgment, I’m having to hand things off in all directions – I’m focusing, with my limited time, on communications more than individual “I go over here and do work” kinds of things. So I’m talking with my boss a lot – 2-3 times a week for 30-60 minutes.

Which means we’re having GREAT conversations about how my job works and how I can develop in it and how his job works and how my team and I can (and should) be supporting his goals.

We also had the big compensation talk for the year (there’s a bonus round in October, but major bonuses and promotions go out now) I believe that corporations really only know how to communicate with money. Your manager, your coworkers, they can use words to tell you what they want from you and what they appreciate about you, you can love the work you’re doing, but the corporate entity can only tell you good job/bad job with money.

My company approves of the work I’m doing and would like me to do more of it. I have recieved that message. It was not subtle.

Beyond all of that, I got a promotion (shhh! It might still be kind of secret… I don’t think its offical until the end of the month, but I hope to have a Widget by then so I can only really celebrate with people now) And its the new title I’m really delighted with. Which is weird – I’m not usually title focused. I’m usually motivated/rewarded by work first (flexibility/quality/personal sense of value), freedom and flexibility next, and somewhere down the line money. I usually respond to titles about how I respond to the concept of “curb appeal” in houses – if someone else wants to spend a lot of money for that, more power to them, but I have other priorities.

This one is different. It might be because this one is the first title I’ve felt really attaches to growth in work in a direction I really value. It’s more people management skills and it comes with a relatively defined track of what skills I can focus on next and I’m purely excited to try them.

Which has leaked into our subsequent conversations – how to build teams, how to hire, how on earth did I end up with an org under me that has twice the number of people of most other teams and still growing… relatedly, how I’m going to split my team into smaller teams and get team leads in place, how to deal with complicated employees. Manager skill stuff. And I love it.

I know I’m going to be learning other, different skills here shortly, but I really hope to get back to this stuff soon. It makes me feel like I’m finally doing hard work that is mine, that fits me.

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