I want

to live in a world where its actually viable that people making rape accusations are making it up for the fame and money. It would mean that rape was actually not a real problem. And that victims got respect and support when they went public. I think that would be a much better world to live in, so I can understand the people who insist we have to be living there, instead of this one where false accusations for rape are about the same as other crimes (2-3%)  and mostly rape goes unreported for lack of a decent system to address it.


I’d also like to live in a world where my last post, which was actually all sorts of happy, didn’t get eaten by WordPress, but I don’t live there either.

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  • isaac

    It would behoove you to make a duplicate in a .txt file if it becomes an issue. As far as rape goes, our sexually repressed society really doesn’t help matters. *sigh*

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