The Dragon makes an Appearance

That last post is a bit heart breaking, isn’t it? What a difference a week can make. TL,DR: Widget’s on the outside. I’m doing So! Much! Better! and I’m so infactuated with her.

Not too long after that post, I pointed out to Cups that one of my (swollen, painful) legs was more swollen and […]

Life catches up

So I’ve spent most of the last year…or so…really goddamn depressed, and, as one does , have come out the other end of that with fewer friends than I went in, mostly because I haven’t had time or energy to keep in touch with just about anyone.

Sorry about that.

FYI guys, I sometimes read […]

Secrets and Widgets

Keeping secrets is hard. Its easier on some people than others, but it does … things … to the human psyche. We’re social critters and our connections to other people keep us stable and happy and generally operating at peak efficiency. (Which is not to say that different levels or kinds of social interaction are […]

Having a Happy Birthday Without One

Its my birthday today.

I used to do a whole lot of soul searching on my birthday. Really evaluating where I have been and where I am and where I want to go. Taking notes and making plans. Comparing to past years’ plans and notes and realigning. Questioning and questing and cleaning up mental/emotional cruft. […]


So, I turned the heel on my sock.

Heel: turned.


Then I broke my wrist.



Can you tell where it’s broken? It’s the wiggly line where there shouldn’t be a wiggly line.


Now I can’t hold the tiny needles to knit the sock, because the chunk of cast between […]

Ups and Down, Knits and Tinks

A word of celebration:

Angel and I have a house now. The house in the earlier pictures. I learned more about the story of the bidding war and what happened around it (Angel knew some of it, I was off geeking with the home inspector when that discussion was going on.) Our closing was officially […]

Happy Birthday Wands

Today is my baby sister’s birthday.

I call her my baby sister with no small amusement, mostly because she has never been a baby. She was an infant, for the few moments she allowed the indignity, but not really a baby. She was seemingly born knowing that she could do anything she put her mind […]

Pain sucks

That’s the level of in depth analysis you get from the Sisters.

In all honesty it is a truth that I am continuing to absorb and understand. I had a crappy day today. Work horrors, wedding stress, errand running, long day of not pleasant things, some of it spent honestly enraged (What do you mean […]

Sock, sock, sock

This is 24 hours of sock, from the last post.


Its been 48 hours now, and there is more sock, but the light is bad. I’m past the heel turn and the gussets and into the foot part. Its going to be a while from here, as Angel has size 14 feet, so […]

Congratulations me! Also, brain vomit.

Lame suggestion from my mom that may actually work for not eating crappily on teeny amounts of money- buy one fresh fruit and one fresh vegetable every week, even if the rest of your shopping sucks balls, healthy eating-wise.

I’m already bored of normal vegetables and I can’t stand bananas outside the 1 day of […]