Widget Week 38

I really can’t blame the kid for this. I really can’t, but it would be nice if Widget decided to join the outside world, because I feel like I’m dying. Like I’m losing my self and all hope of ever being myself again. I’m always pretty emotional – or emotion/intuition driven? But these days I’m […]

Life catches up

So I’ve spent most of the last year…or so…really goddamn depressed, and, as one does , have come out the other end of that with fewer friends than I went in, mostly because I haven’t had time or energy to keep in touch with just about anyone.

Sorry about that.

FYI guys, I sometimes read […]

Stress. Relief.

First, Questions:

What cool shit do you do for fun? What makes you awesome?

I feel like I do no cool shit. Zip. Zero. Nada. I think, in the real world outside of my head, that one of my interests/hobbies/driving passions is “creates social change” which isn’t all bad. I’m helping run a sci-fi con, […]

Depends on Where you Start

I’m realizing, slowly and over time, that much of how I see the world is colored by my perception. And by that I mean my actual ability to sense and feel, there is a bunch of translation that goes on with stimuli before I get to consciously interact with information and the organs of that […]

Having a Happy Birthday Without One

Its my birthday today.

I used to do a whole lot of soul searching on my birthday. Really evaluating where I have been and where I am and where I want to go. Taking notes and making plans. Comparing to past years’ plans and notes and realigning. Questioning and questing and cleaning up mental/emotional cruft. […]


It has been a while since I’ve made a meaningful post. I’ve been working hard at my fascinating and amazing new job. I’ve made a new friend who I have made space and time in my life for that I hadn’t expected.

Orson decided to explore the neighborhood and spent a night outside and now […]

Boggle the owl knows his shit

From http://boggletheowl.tumblr.com/ .



Expectation: I feel a little bit better today! Expectation: I feel a little bit better today! Expectation: I feel a little bit better today! Expectation: Hey, I think I feel pretty good! Expectation: I guess that means I’m normal now! Time to go live a normal life! ——————————— Reality: I […]

Pain sucks

That’s the level of in depth analysis you get from the Sisters.

In all honesty it is a truth that I am continuing to absorb and understand. I had a crappy day today. Work horrors, wedding stress, errand running, long day of not pleasant things, some of it spent honestly enraged (What do you mean […]

Everyone is better at life than me

…Yeah. I’m tired. I think the adderall isn’t working as well as it used to and I’m nervous about asking if we can up the dosage because I don’t want them to think I’m selling it and also, what if they say no? What if this is as good as it gets?(…still my favorite movie. […]

Congratulations me! Also, brain vomit.

Lame suggestion from my mom that may actually work for not eating crappily on teeny amounts of money- buy one fresh fruit and one fresh vegetable every week, even if the rest of your shopping sucks balls, healthy eating-wise.

I’m already bored of normal vegetables and I can’t stand bananas outside the 1 day of […]