Irelands Immortals

So I know no one has posted here in an age and a half, but I had some thoughts I kind of wanted to get out and written and don’t really have a great place to do it. They’re really only partially baked, to be fair. I mostly am just trying to see what comes […]


When you’re having trouble beginning, begin with gratitude. Its American Thanksgiving today and its one of my favorite holidays. As per my usual habit, I distance myself from the awkward history and traditions of the piece and focus on what I find lovable and valuable about the day. (Except Columbus Day, that’s just bullshit.) […]

Unitarian Universalism

I’ve been attending a church lately. Scratch that- a congregation. They officially changed their name in the late 90’s away from “church” to “congregation” because a number of people in the congregation felt the word church carried too much Christian baggage. It’s a small group- about 100 members. But they are very active and very […]


I’m here. I think I might be dealing with some more depression than usual. I’d like to apologize for not posting anything more recently, but I’m sort of not really sorry. I felt like shit, writing about it was boring. I love my sister. I love cats. I like color. Swords was pregnant, now she […]

Work stuff… belated

I’ve had some really great discussions with my boss the last couple of weeks and before I take off from work for several months, I want to note where I am in thinking about my job and stuff. I don’t talk about it much here, but I like my job and I am pretty […]

Widget, Week 35

Ths entire pregnancy has been an excersize in not getting what I want. I wanted to write cute happy updates, bit by bit, about the Widgetry process. I wanted to work hard and have a nice glowy pregnancy and be one of those fun, happy, gracious pregnant people, with a cute belly.

Instead, I got […]

I want

to live in a world where its actually viable that people making rape accusations are making it up for the fame and money. It would mean that rape was actually not a real problem. And that victims got respect and support when they went public. I think that would be a much better world to […]

Goings On

I haven’t posted in ages, sorry about that. I have a lot of hobbies and things and generally I am doing those things, or in too much pain to do anything.

Which is actually kind of neat, to be honest. Except for the pain bit, which I keep meaning to sort of expand on in […]

Widget, week 9

Widget is 9 weeks ..along?old?progressed?… today. It’s lost it’s tail and while still tiny, is actually a size with identifiable human bits, including a heart with chambers – real heartbeats!

I’m balancing between elated and wanting to plan all the fun happy bits and throwing up so much it’s bordering on hazardous. I threw up […]

I’m having fun with my ukulele.

And this is one that I did for mom: